Legacy Group International is a premium service provider of effective quality business process solutions. We are skilled professionals aiding in supporting our client Recruiting and Placement with services in Research, Desk Development, Preliminary Candidate Qualifying, Technical Support and Process Systems Implementation and Maintenance. We are on the forefront of technical solutions to assist our clients in their core capabilities of identifying opportunities and delivering the top performing impact candidates.

Our mission is to support Clients in their quest of creating a legacy by delivering the top performing impact contributors. Making an impact though creation of a legacy with effective, timely and quality process support, research and the wealth of sustaining services enabling our clients to focus on their strengths in marketing, recruiting and placing. We are committed to each client supporting creation of their legacy.

Advancing the Legacy of our Client objectives with timely, effective, quality and cost effective service support
“I rarely give out references/testimonials in this case I am compelled to do so with the Legacy Group because they have changed my opinion 360 degrees and have helped us make dramatic improvements…

Joni Lampl
President/Managing Partner
Management Recruiters of Pittsburgh-North, Inc.

I highly recommend LGI to all of my MRI partners that need data sourcing resources ..

Sherri Buckner, CSM
Managing Director

Management Recruiters of Person County

We find Raj and his team to be highly responsive and execution oriented. They have exceeded our expectations both in terms of the quality .

Steve Mills
Armstrong Franklin

“If all that wasn't enough Raj and his team then took and did some stellar internet researching utilizing complex programming tools which supplied hard to find names. I can't say enough about how the Legacy Group far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them to any office that is looking for a one-stop-shop.”

Don Ball
Account Executive
Management Recruiters of Pittsburgh-North, Inc

“The Legacy Group under the leadership of Raj are uniquely qualified to provide the range of recruiting support services….

Richard Garn
MRI Coldwater, 33 Degree Services

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