Market Research

Legacy Group International provides a full range of Market Research for the Recruiting and Placement industry. Our core competencies are in gathering, analyzing and interpreting personnel needs and sources a market; and potential customers for the Recruiting and Placement market. We provide develop, expand and supplement services in desk development or refinement of niche markets for our Recruiting and Placement clients. LGI provides business solutions in various industry verticals with the help of tremendous research logistics including:

  • Identifying potential Markets, Customers, Companies and Contacts
  • Identify, document, priorities, keywords, terms, nomenclature, acronyms, and hot topics and definitions
  • Researching, tabulating and recording company and contact records, information, phone numbers, email and other resources
  • Generate leads for Marketing, Recruiting and Placement
  • Financial triggers and issues information
  • Assist in lead generation and marketing campaigns

New Desk Development

  • Customer gets access to research tools such as Hoovers , SearchExpo, Broadlook, egrabber etc. absolutely free for gathering contacts & companies.
  • Legacy Group provides access to drivers/macros which helps to extract contacts from social networking sites such as Linkedin etc.
  • We have capability to pull out thousands of Job Postings from Indeed within 20-30 minutes, in order to expand opportunity and business for our clients/customers.

Company, Contact and Candidate Mining and Sourcing

Daily we are actively research in wide ranging market segments, industries identifying potential clients, contacts, candidates for targeted opportunities and specific search assignments. We understand the legacy our clients create and we are positioned to support the efforts through sourcing candidates from various portals and sources. LGI has the capability to identify and source candidates through a broad scope of expanded resources.

PCRecruiter Database Updating

  • Legacy Group is capable of filling in missing information of contacts/companies in your PCR database and updating those records, without creating ANY SINGLE duplicate record, which is a proven process and not even MainSequence have access to that.
  • PCR Metrics & Customization – Legacy Group enables your PCR Database customized as per MRINetwork Standards, as well as we have reports under our PCR Customization program, where you can track all your user activities.

Contact Email Conventions & Updating in PCR Database

  • We have a program for email convention, which equips our Researchers to replicate email IDs within couple of minutes, no matter there are 100+ or 1000+ contacts for a particular company.
  • If you have names records/contacts in your database, which are missing email IDs, Legacy Group Researchers can not only find those email IDs quickly as well as they are capable of reloading those email IDs in PCR without creating any duplicate name records.

Position Posting and Response Processing

You have a job order from your client and you need assistance in order to create an attractive job posting for public job boards; give this opportunity to Legacy Group team, where we follow high standard posting development process and procedures to deliver best quality by making your postings attractive, appealing and well formatted while placing on Job Boards.

We even take care of the candidate responses to these job postings and save your time in qualifying these candidates, as we match the job requirements with candidate’s resume and let you know who the best candidates are for that particular jobs.

Preliminary Candidate Qualifying

LGI provides a team of individuals delivering call services including:

  • Verifying contact information
  • Preliminary candidate screening
  • Lead generation
  • Converting cold calls into warm calls

PCRecruiter Support and Training

Placement Progression™ with PCRecruiter

LGI provides extensive resources and experience in PCRecruiter training and support for optimal onboarding, training, utilization and enhancement of PCR systems contributing in the Marketing, Recruiting and Placement process. We have the experience to assist our clients in creation of the Legacy by:

  • Configuring PCR for clarity and usefulness
  • Comprehensive training courses for basics and process with videos and practice sessions
  • Searching and extracting existing resources
  • Preparing and recording call plans and results
  • Building the legacy though refined search and evaluation of activity history

Data Management

LGI has wide range of solutions with number of data management services including:

  • Database – Refinement, Adjustment, Duplicate resolution, Merging, Completion
  • Data Entry
  • PDF Conversion
  • Compare
  • OCR
  • QC
  • Web Publishing
  • Scanning Documents
  • Software Programming

E-mail Management

We manage e-mails of our clients when they are away from their desk or don’t have time, by following steps:

  • Screen candidate resumes
  • Process qualified candidates into client database
  • Store them per client’s requirements
  • Send networking bulk e-mails to candidates / companies
  • Deleting spam’s / junk e-mails
  • Unwanted newsletters / e-mails
  • Respond or forwarding to as needed

Dedicated Researchers

  • At Legacy Group, we have dedicated researchers working with end clients in direct communication with the attitude of a partner to the client, not just a researcher.
  • Every customer is assigned 1 dedicated researcher, and that helps researcher to become expert in researching for that particular customer’s desk and business as this way the researcher remains focused.

Virtual Assistants

We manage e-mails of our clients when they are away from their desk or don’t have time, by following steps:

  • This is a very interesting segment of Legacy Group, which provides Virtual Assistants/Account Executives to our client/customer, who will be sitting in our Office and by using our infrastructure these Virtual Assistants/Account Executives help our clients to build their business.
  • Such virtual Recruiters/Account Executives works in the day time schedules of the end client.

Technical Support

LGI delivers with an experienced group of Network and Computer Engineers, technical support services including:

  • Resolve Technical & Network Issues
  • Provide Data Back-up Solutions
  • Hardware & Software solutions
  • Suggest Best Computer Configurations
  • Manage Server Back-ups & OS Breakdowns
  • Provide Manpower / Computers / Internet on best cost
  • Security Software solutions