Market Research

Legacy Group International provides a full range of Market Research for the Recruiting and Placement industry. Our core competencies are in gathering, analyzing and interpreting personnel needs and sources a market; and potential customers for the Recruiting and Placement market. We provide develop, expand and supplement services in desk development or refinement of niche markets for our Recruiting and Placement clients. LGI provides business solutions in various industry verticals with the help of tremendous research logistics including:
  • Identifying potential Markets, Customers, Companies and Contacts
  • Identify, document, priorities, keywords, terms, nomenclature, acronyms, and hot topics and definitions
  • Researching, tabulating and recording company and contact records, information, phone numbers, email and other resources
  • Generate leads for Marketing, Recruiting and Placement
  • Financial triggers and issues information
  • Assist in lead generation and marketing campaigns

New Desk Development
Customer gets access to research tools such as Hoovers , SearchExpo, Broadlook, egrabber etc. absolutely free for gathering contacts & companies.
Legacy Group provides access to drivers/macros which helps to extract contacts from social networking sites such as Linkedin etc.
We have capability to pull out thousands of Job Postings from Indeed within 20-30 minutes, in order to expand opportunity and business for our clients/customers.
Company, Contact and Candidate Mining and Sourcing

Daily we are actively research in wide ranging market segments, industries identifying potential clients, contacts, candidates for targeted opportunities and specific search assignments. We understand the legacy our clients create and we are positioned to support the efforts through sourcing candidates from various portals and sources. LGI has the capability to identify and source candidates through a broad scope of expanded resources.